Monday, November 3, 2014

Altered Pringles Cane

Today I have come up with something very exiting stuff. Recycled craft is always my passion and I try to make thing from whatever stuff I have with me.

Few basic items that I have used :

1. Pringles Cane
2. Flat File for 2 sides (I doubled the circle i.e 4 circles for strong support)
3. Adhersive
4. Pattern Paper
5. Distress ink
6. Scissor
7. Laces, Flowers, beads  and butterfly.

I could'nt take much picture of my work as I was all  alone doing this project. Hope  I could get assistant to help me with shooting video and taking pictures.

Well, back to what I was saying is I really don't have the name for my stuff, but you can use it as jewellery box, gift it in wedding with chocolates in it, Well I am going to use it as pencil/pen box on my work table.

Thank you for stopping bye bye

Monday, October 20, 2014

Purple Bag- Ready Shopping

Hey All,
Hope you all are doing good. Diwali is 2days to go, so very exited to meet and greet families and friends.

A quick view of my Handmade Paper Bag.

Well I have used Brad, Flower embelishment and ofcourse handmade paper.

Easy to make. Let me see if I can get the template for  you. Wait for sometime. Children group age 6yrs and above can easily make this. Just need a guide, they just need to be careful with scissors, that it.


happy holiday!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sparkle with Prima at Lulupu Blog Hop 2014

I am feeling great to be back with another participation to Lulupu's Sparkle with Prima at Lulupu Blog Hop 2014

The challenge is open for the entire month, so there is no problem at all in participating.

To start with, the products that I used which are purchased from Lulupu store and Itsybity store:

I really wanted something innovative. So I chose Empty gift box.

Rest All I used
1.KaiserCraft Paper Pad
3. Embelishments
4. Distress Ink
5. Mod Podge
6. Butterfly punches which is missing from the picture
7.White Pearls
8.Double side tape
9. Glue to strengthen the support of handmade paper
10. Handmade paper
11. Glitter
12. Acrylic paints
13. Die cut
15. Lindys Stamp Gang

I loved those beautiful flowers. Its beautifies my entire project


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Sunday, September 21, 2014

My New Crush

Jewellery Making

I have learn few jewellery making from volunteering. The few are from beads. Jhumkis are made from quilling. The last one Yellow Pendent is made from Paper coil. Isn't that beautiful. Its indeed a tough job but jewellery making is very fascinating.  The important part of jewellery making is the technique of twisting and turning. And your creativity that matters a lot.

Well, I will post you some tutorial in the future as I am still to get proficiency in this. Till I am comfortable with the twist enjoy my other post...........More to come.

Bye bye.......
Happy Sunday Evening.................Enjoy weekday.........

Love if you comment!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fabulous Friday: Getting Fancy

Color Inspiration Photo by Moxie Fab World -Fabulous Friday Getting Fancy.

This is the beautiful challenge by Moxie. The challenge is so colorful..wooowwww I am ready with my images.

My  Inspiration is

So What I did with this card? Well, I have used the following :
Gesso and BrickStensil
 Lindy Metallic Mist
Die Cut Butterfly
Mod Podge Sparkle

I have used Mod podge sparkle on the butterfly but I am not sure if you could see it. Beautiful sentiment LOVE is used to match with the prominent color pink. 

With this I end my post. Hope you like it and would appreciate if you leave comment.

Bye Bye!!

Challenge # 39 - Black, White and Pop of color !

Hello Everyone.

Here I am back with beautiful card for Challenge-39 black, white and pop of color!. I was so impressed and highly motivated seeing all beautiful creations in the blog of Lulupu. I am polished day by day. Learning new things by seeing all good works of artist. Understanding the theme, material used, going again and again to all the beautiful sites, exploring them.

Now, after 6 months of effort,  I gained some amount of confidence and today I put up my card for the Lulupu challenge.

Nothing much to speak about, this is a simple yet beautiful card. I have used Washi tape, punches, flower and distressed the card.

Please do leave comment or suggestions, if you like my work.

Have a great day!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mixed Media - Gift Box

A very new style of decorating chocolate box.

I came on Sunday again with my new work. That's the only peaceful day for me. I don't get sleep easily on Sunday, so I divert myself in reading or watching movie or Blog posting.

This is the one of my most favorite piece of work. I have used plastic chocolate box, which is now empty and I have used it for gifting it again with chocolates in it.

I do not have much picture or tutorial as I really did all kind of research and develop.so really forgot to take a few click. There is quilling, glittered flowers and leafs and stones. Used Punches and Mist.

Well I wanted to use it in a challenge but couldn't resist my temptation to share with you all.

Hope you will like it and I want all to comment because it motivates me and your words gives me inspiration. So do not forget to comment to my post.

Thank you all

Thank you all and have nice Weekdays!!!

Clay Toys

Book Mark with Pencil Holder

Since long time there was no see. I understand there was a big gap in my post but somehow I get engaged with some other works. Work, home and hobby are bid difficult to maintain but anyways life goes on.

Today I love to share with a beautiful idea of Pencil Holder made from Clay. I am still left with few korean clays to play around. Using it as and when I am getting ideas. Right now I do not have the photo of that clay packet but will definitely share with you once I get chance to click.

Korean Clays are a very beautiful product. The quality of this Clay is it is very light weight, No Baking required,can easily take shape and more important it is kids friendly. I somehow love this product.

To know more on this product please email it to kalahaat@gmail.com


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Paper Bag Tutorial

Hello Friends,
How are you doing today? Its Sunday and very hot outside. I couldn't sleep this afternoon so I thought of doing something fruitful. Well I am posting tutorial on Paper Bag which i have made for my friend's son as he has to submit the summer project tomorrow.

If you have any questions on tutorial please mail it to kalahaat@gmail.com

Here is the tutorial for you: -

All you need is
1. Paper rolls from any newspaper - 27nos. If you want bigger you can add on.
2. Adhersive / Glue
3. Paper Punch (Optional)
4. 3inch thick paper /card for base support
5. Clip.
7. Embellish.


The tutorial is very simple and easy to follow. 

What I have done is I have taken 13 paper rolls for one side. You keep on inserting the tubes one after the other until 13th roll. Similarly for the another side same thing to be done.

The Below images shows the detailed process.

You keep on rolling the paper roll till 13th. You can add if you wish to make bigger bag or even reduce if you want mini bag. Don't forget to clip the circle on completion of each roll to make paper stick strongly otherwise you will totally mess with the roll.

I have made 2 such circles (Jalebi).

Take hard paper to join the two circle. Use the glue generously.  Below is the image. In each step you must use Clip.  See the sheet is cut in triangle both the sides so that twisting and turning becomes easy.

 Here how it looks after joining both the circles.

Punch both the edge and with 1 roll left use it as handle.  Embelish it with flowers /glitter or any paper cuts.

Ready to go..........Happy shopping

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tutorials - Hair Pin from Fabric

Today is the day I am posting my stuffs after short break. I love sharing and learning new things so I keep of searching for it.

Here is the tutorial made from fabric.

You Need :

1. Fabric 1/2 mtr appox 12 flowers
2. For base I have used Foam, You can use card board or some hard base.
3. Glue gun / any Strong Adhersive
4. Hair Pin
5. Optional : I have used Die using Big Shot. You can use print out for cutting fabric. If  you are good in cutting directly any shape you can do that as well.

Die I mentioned on top

Give the shape to the fabric. The one that I am holding is taken from Alteration.

First fold half and again from the half folded fold it again.

Use glue gun in the first fold
 Use glue gun in 2nd fold. This will make the folding intact.

 Stick to the base using Glue Gun.
 Stick all of them. 12 nos of cuts. 8 to the base
 Another 4 on top of the 8 foldings
 Here is the one. This is how it looks
 Stick Hair pin as shown in the picture below
 Decorate the flower with pearls or plastic stones.
Thank you for stopping and checking the post.

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Happy Weekdays!!


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