Friday, February 5, 2016

Challenge # 3 : Tic - Tac - Toe

Hi There!!

Just stopping by this Friday to enter the challenge from Peek-a-boo Desgins Challenge#3:Tic-Tac-Toe.

I got motivated/Inspired and loved the cards that the designing team created. I really loved making one for this challenge.

I have used R3+Diagonal. Used Red as colour for my card. Embossing Power Gold and ofcourse die cuts.

So the list of the Products used
1.Spellbinders Cascading heart
2.Couture Creations Scallop Rectangle
3. Heat Embossing Gold
4. Stamps Peek-a-boo - Bought from FB
5. Pearl
6. Not the lease card stock.

Happy Weekend!!!!

The Card Concept # 48 {Sweet Heart}

Hi there!!!

February has arrived and this is the month of colour Red. Love is in the air with lots of happiness. This is the perfect time to use the colour Red, which is also my favourite colour.

I Just wanted to share the card I have made to enter The Card Concept #48.

I will call this as Classic & Elegance. The inspiration is from The Card Concept.
The Card Concept
1.Spellbinders Cascading Hearts .
2. Couture Creations Scallop Rectangle
3. Few Floral Emblishments made by me (new crush ha)
3. Sentiments -bought from Peek-a Boodesign

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Have Great Weekend!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Resin Craft

Hi to All!
The most awaited craft Toys made from Resin. This is casting resin bought from Madras bazar. The ratio is 10:4 Resin 10 & Hardner 4.  I have used silicon mould. I found Silicon mould easy to work out with.
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A lovely Snowflakes I made before Christmas but couldn't post. I have used Mod-Podge Sparkle Scintiller Destello.Stunning.


Only Girls -Winter Card

Love to share one more card! Girls only,  as they love flowers and glitters and diamonds and butterflies. I have no tutorials to this so just sharing the picture. By the way I have used winter card stock, matching with season. Little tiny resin is used in the extreme right.

Just enjoy! As I enjoy creating.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cards that was created for challenge

Hello Dear!!
Nice to see you back with my new post which was suppose to be for some challenge!!
Being late kate by one day to post for challenge,. too fast haa..
But one thing is there is really enjoying playing. 3+2 layered card isn't that fantastic.
I used empossing pad and Die from Joy! crafts  called Thin cut fleur de frame. I love it anyways.
Enjoy my craft, love it,like it and do follow my blog.
Thank you all!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Handmade Cards

Hey all hope all well and getting dressed for Saturday Night party.

I have a very quick post on Handmade Cards. Very colourful and cool.

You see lot of Distressing done on the card. I have used Clear Stamp Motifs. Doilies were not used since long so thought of fixing it in card. Beautiful Embellishment in the middle. Sending my Love to you all.

Have Happy Weekend.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bottle Art

Feeling very gloomy today evening as I am upset for tomorrow, MONDAY.
Ha. Well just take a look at the Bottle Painting. Initially I wanted to use only two colours but landed up with 5 colours. Life is full of colour so .....whatever.
I have used Acrylic colors, 0 brush and ofcourse silver glitters. The important thing to note is the thinner the brush you use the better the effect. I have used 0 brush you can use upto 000.
This was my First work on bottle. It was experiment kind of thing anyways. One point to note that I painted entire bottle with black colour and then I started my design on it.
So Happy ending Sunday!! Be Ready for work for Monday!!
Bye! Cheers!!!! Have Great Week days a head!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Wire Tree with Beaded Fruit

It deadly hot weather over here. Feeling like not doing anything and just sit under the fan. The summer in Gujarat is intolerable with water crises.
Hi friends this is alka and I am back with my new project. Golden Tree. This project is very easy to make. Its all to do with the twisting of wire. You can use any colour ofcourse. I chose to use gold, my Fav. Ha Ha.
You just need.
1. Moti / Beads
2. Golden Wire / (any colour if it is available in your locality)
3. Golden Leaves / Again any colour.
4. Soft clay / Vessel to put the tree for support.
The method is very simple. You have to take the tip end. Pour from the end one bead (here you can follow 2 steps)
From the tip bring to the middle of the wire and start twisting. Pack one bead. Again pour one more bead, bring the same to the middle and twist. In one wire you can use 6beads for 25cm length.
Step 2.
You start twisting from the end and carry on until the wire exhausted.
Mine is little thick. I have 20 branches. If the tree is very thick around 25 such branches or more it can stand without support. So what I mean to say is the thicker the tree, the beautiful is the outcome.
I have some step by step photos for your to see.
Happy Weekend!!



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