Friday, April 18, 2014

Taking on the Giant

 Dear Friends,
I have something to share with you today. Actually I am very touched with the NGOs who are working for the betterment of youth. I thought of putting it into my blog so that the interested group can Join the movement of Taking on giant.
I appeal to all to visit the site  and like Facebook  page:
Here is a brief note about Taking on the giant.
Taking on the Giant is a blog promoting, celebrating and encouraging the work and accomplishments of young change makers and entrepreneurs from around the world. Young people are transforming their passions into successful charities, foundations, businesses and movements from a young age. These are stories that deserve to be told. By sharing these stories, we aim to inspire other young people to pursue their dreams and passions and turn them into reality. To date, the blog has over 100 stories of incredible young change-makers, from Africa to Australia and the US to China, who are fundamentally shaping their fields of interest.
The blog supports and promotes the developing shift in education focused on the promotion of student entrepreneurship and creativity. It intends to be a resource for teachers across the globe. It has already been used in Germany and France with great results. Taking on the Giant is currently working to be part of the core curriculum being implemented across the U.S.
In order to encourage young people to pursue their dreams as well as develop their entrepreneurs and creative skills, Taking on the Giant not only publishes articles on amazing young people, but also lists opportunities, trainings, contests and funding available to youth.
On the long-term, the blog hopes to contribute to a shift in the understanding of employment, from the one currently geared toward simply finding a job and being employed to one in which individuals create their own workplace. At the same time, it aims to provide alternative role models to rock stars and athletes in the shape of these young, creative, driven, intelligent and generous young entrepreneurs and changemakers, who are working to better our world.
 Taking on the Giant


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