Friday, December 12, 2014

New Avtar of my ring box

Dear All,

This is the first time in my blogging history that I have been posting for 3 consecutive days!!Hurray!!My dream of posting frequently came true. Well I was all my hard work that I sat 5hrs continuously  last Sunday and completed 3 projects in one go.

So this one is something unique. I bought this Ring box or you may name it as jewellery box from Kolkatta. I really wanted to do something like this. This is the best lace and Ribbon that I could get from local market, and if you know anyone who is selling laces please do mail me.

Items Used: -

1. Big plastic stones 2 colors used here.
2. Glitter valvet lace
3. Crochet cotton lace
4. Glue Gun
5 A pair of scissor.

This is very easy to make and also one point to be noted it can be used for school project for children above 14. Very easy to make just you have to use your imagination. As you can see in the picture i wanted to use few of the mix match ribbon but wasn't useful. I am short of ribbon and want to stock more.

Please enjoy the below photos.

Friends thank you for stopping by. Cheers! 
Have a lovely day!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Recycled Match box

Hi! Happy Thursday to all my friends. 

I have made a beautiful piece from match box. Oops! i forgot to take the pix of match box.
Well, it happens. There are so many thing around, I cannot work without messing my things. 

If you see th picture I have used 3 match box, if you want more drawers then you can add on and want only 2 or 1 you can also do with it. This is also a simple and easy to make. 

What all you need: 

1. Match box any numbers (below is 3)
2. Glue adhersive ofcourse
3. Handmade papers
4. Paper stock
5. Quilling for emblishment
6. Beads/Pearl /crystal stickter
7. Cotton thread (You can use satin ribbon as well)
8. Die cut bird and house flowers and emblishments

I have used layers in between the boxes. The mistake i have made is i have not used a thick layer, the result two drawer clashes when open. So warning you have to be careful using a very thick layer  between the match box may be 1/2 inch or bit more. Because of all this I had to keep backside open as pulling out the drawer was difficult, its not that smooth. So It is always good if you keep some space between the boxes.

The lesson learnt.....

I have used cotton red thread to pull the drawer, you can use satin ribbon also. Also, I have covered inside the box with pattern paper. outside its handmade paper yellow one. You can use pattern paper as well.

This one what I have created you can change as per you style.

Picture 1







Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pearl Photo Frame

Hey all hope you are having great time and getting ready for Christmas!!!!!

Well Today night I have something interesting and easy to make item and that is photo frame.

What I did is I have taken blank photo frame and pearl and few crystal pearls. It hardly takes 20 minutes. You can put lots and lots of pearl in it. I just wanted some decent look, so just used borders. I have few photo frames with me which I bought recently.I don't think any detailed shots are required as this is very simple and easy to follow.

Items Required:

1. Photo Frame
2. Half Pearl sticker
3. Crystal Sticker

Well, have a glance of it and please do comment.


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