Monday, November 3, 2014

Altered Pringles Cane

Today I have come up with something very exiting stuff. Recycled craft is always my passion and I try to make thing from whatever stuff I have with me.

Few basic items that I have used :

1. Pringles Cane
2. Flat File for 2 sides (I doubled the circle i.e 4 circles for strong support)
3. Adhersive
4. Pattern Paper
5. Distress ink
6. Scissor
7. Laces, Flowers, beads  and butterfly.

I could'nt take much picture of my work as I was all  alone doing this project. Hope  I could get assistant to help me with shooting video and taking pictures.

Well, back to what I was saying is I really don't have the name for my stuff, but you can use it as jewellery box, gift it in wedding with chocolates in it, Well I am going to use it as pencil/pen box on my work table.

Thank you for stopping bye bye


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