Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wall Hanging from Jute

Great to see you again.

Here is a beautiful piece of art made from Jute. Coloring the centre part made more attractive. Actually I could'nt get the colored jute so have to use spray color on it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Kundan Work - Radhe Krishna

Contribution from my little sister, she wanted to share her work through my blog. I thank her lot for her kindness. She has decorated the entire frame with kundan and Glitter. This will definitly beautify my site.


Thermocol art - Photoframe

This is a beautiful piece of work from thermocol. This is actually assembled and colored, readly available in the market. The problem with thermocol is it is very difficult to carry as it is very delicate and can break easily. But then it looks beautiful.

My son actually broke all the grasses , and i really had to sit and fixed them up.

Love for Paper Mache - Bowl

Now that I started liking paper mache art, i have tried to make a beautiful piece of bowl. There are so many creations on this subject it is just unimaginable.
Hope you would enjoy it.


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