Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ice-cream Stick Art

This Ice cream stick art is very famous and I have seen very beautiful pieces of work. I thought of making one for Bird. You can also use it as candy storage or use it in keeping accesseries.
Item used
1. Adhersive Glue
2. Ice Cream stick
3. Glitter with glue.

This is the outcome. I am definitly going to give it to my friend.

Another variation


Paper Flower from Invitation card

Wishing you a very happy Holi!

A beautiful flower made from Invitation card.

Actually I love recycled art and so I keep on searching for all such items.

I am planning to upload tutorials soon....

Friday, March 15, 2013

Origami Basket

Paper Foldings are just fun. It develops your confidence and ofcourse something beautiful comes out from this.
Happy Saturday!

Paper Mache Ver1.2 - Tutorial

After my first mache bird, I was so impressed that i thought of making another one and I named it as bumble bee.

Actually I tried to show the process/ tutorial here to give you an idea of making paper mache. It is as simple as any other craft but the main drawback according to me is it takes time to get mache dried. It takes minimum of 2days to dry so the process is time consuming.

Tissue Paper / News paper (1 toilet roll or as per your requirement how fat you want to make)
Thick paper / Card board for Shape
Ceramic Powder - 1/2kg
Adhersive Glue ( I have used Fevicol)
Colors to paint

Soak tissue paper overnight. Drain all water properly. I took small bucket and added ceramic power and adhersive glue and mix it thoroughly until it becomes dough. You can also use blender to mix it well.

Take the shape, I have bumble bee shape board and start applying on it until full bee if formed. Keep it for drying for 2days. After it dries use vibrant colors and paint as you love to.

My final bee is ready!
Enjoy and have great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Purse from Cod

This is the purse made from Cod.This purse was made 2years back and somehow i manage to find this out to share with you all. I had then started another one but anyhow could'nt complete it. Hope I should complete soon to share with you.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gift Box made from Flat File

I have come up with one more craft. This is the gift box made from throw away flat files. I have collected few waste file and thought of using it in some way or the other. One side of the file is enough for one box. Used some decorative material and painted Warli art.
Hope you would like it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Paper Mache

I am so exited sharing with you all my creations. I have made a little bird mache . This is also something that interested me. The shapes are not very perfect, I think next time i would require blender to crush the dough properly. Anyways next time.


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