Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lamp Shades

I am great jute lover and one of my creation has to be jute. It is such a fantastic fiber and is very strong and you can make so much things out of it. The very important thing is availability. You can find them in any corner of the world and ofcourse at affordable price.

I have few pictures taken, I tried my best to put the most important part of tutorials and I promise to bring in more variation on this.

Material Required: -

1. Glue / Adhesive
2. Balloon
3. Jute rope/Thread
4. Scissor

Blow the balloon. You can take as much bigger you want to make, even you can use birthday balloon which will come out as jumbo size . I have taken just the normal size.

With the help of glue dip the jute rope properly and start from the top to bottom and continue rollingall  around the balloon.

Well the above picture is taken in wool to have better view. I experimented with wool and the result is not that i was looking for. Jute came out with perfect stiffness.

Well a thought came into my mind that since i am big fan to jute, I want to invite all jute lovers to join hand in creating master piece.

Please stay tuned for more exiting news ahead.

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