Monday, March 3, 2014

Tutorial - Satin Ribbon Flower with Video tutorial

Warning : - Children below 18 should work under parents supervision. 

So its time getting ready for new creation. This Saturday I spent almost 3 hours making ribbon flower. It easy to make but requires little bit of technique and caution.

Satin Flower -Hair Band

Material Required:-

1. Satin Ribbon  - 7.5Cm and 5.5 cm in length
2. Pearls 7 nos
5.Hair band
5. Glue Gun
6. Felt or Card board or some hard base

Step 1

Starting with making petals.
I have taken 2cm width orange ribbon. Cut 7.5cm in length 15 nos and 5.5 cm 10nos.


 Fold the ribbon into half as you can see in the picture. Cut the ribbon in diagonal, to trim the ribbon use lighter and fix the ribbon.

Step 3
The tail part, fold both the side and lighter them to fix the folding. Now the petal is ready. Repeat 15nos big and 10 nos small petals.

This is how the petal looks like

 Step 4
Assemble all the petals all around using round  base a felt material.

Take a felt or cardboard or any tough surface for fixing the petals. Start sticking one by one using Glue Gun.

Step 5

Stick hair band using glue gun (You can also stitch them up to make it stronger) I have made the center pearl using glue gun. Sticking the pearl all around.

Please do mail me if you want to know how i made this center pearl.

This is my first ever video tutorial. A very small video to show you how I made the petals. 

 Hope you must have enjoyed the tutorial. Please do leave comment. I would love to hear from you.

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With lots of love
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