Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bottle Art

Feeling very gloomy today evening as I am upset for tomorrow, MONDAY.
Ha. Well just take a look at the Bottle Painting. Initially I wanted to use only two colours but landed up with 5 colours. Life is full of colour so .....whatever.
I have used Acrylic colors, 0 brush and ofcourse silver glitters. The important thing to note is the thinner the brush you use the better the effect. I have used 0 brush you can use upto 000.
This was my First work on bottle. It was experiment kind of thing anyways. One point to note that I painted entire bottle with black colour and then I started my design on it.
So Happy ending Sunday!! Be Ready for work for Monday!!
Bye! Cheers!!!! Have Great Week days a head!!!!!

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