Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mixed Media on Pallette

Inspired from Keren Tamir's Project. Link will be given down below. Product description below. Do not forget to subscribe.
So, My new post on Mixed Media, I have many used and cannot use further brushes, got opportunity to use them here. So ladies do not throw away anything as you don't know what you can create. so keep some space for the waste items.
The project is all about how to use Rust effect paste and patina paste. Sorry to say my Patina courier never arrived on time and had to close the project using some spray from Lindy and Rust effect paste.

Keren Tamir in her project used all the paste so beautifully. Visit her Youtube Channel Mixed Media Altered Paint Palette- for 7 Dots Studio- Steampunk- with Finnabair Rust Paste   She has beautiful tutorial. Beautiful mixed media artist. Do subscribe to her blog and youtube channel for updates.

Product used:

1. Palette from Brusto - You can use any local as well
2. Used brushes - I recommend to use little longer brush
3. Art Extra Vagance- Prima -Rust Effect Paste
4. Soda Bottle Caps
5. Flowers
6. Metals Charms
7. Mdf Banner
8. Sentiment - I used Inspire as I am really inspired from Keren's Project.
9. Heavy body gel
10. Stencils
12. Art Alchemy Waxes - Fire Ruby, Aged Brass, Vintage silk, Bronze age
13. Lindy's Caribbean Cruise- Luscious Line, Pinapple Paradise, Carrabian blue
14. Pattern paper from Paper Pack (I Suppose)
15. Wings from Prima
16. Art Stone Finnabair
17. beads small

Nothing much to mention. Project speaks. Do drop message in case you need any help from me.


Stunning Mixed Media on Brush - Fly high

Good Evening to all my friends,

Its Tuesday evening and I am posting this lovely altered paint brush just for you. One day I will definitely make tutorial for you all guys, its just I am gaining confidence to speak..

Learnt Mixed Media from Anna Debrowska, my very first workshop and then I just fall and rise in love with mixed media.

One important note . If you like my work please do share and spread words.

Here we go,

So what all I used. All the colours and waxes used is from Finnabair..
1. Finnabair - Heavy Gesso black and white, Soft Matt Gel and Heavy body Gel
2. Acrylic Paint -1. Metallic Steam Punk copper
2. Opel Magic Yellow Blue
3. Metallic deep water
4. Metallic Emerald Green
2. Prima Art alchemy Waxes - 1. Amethyst Magic
2. Bronze Age
3. Lucky Emerald
4. Aged brass
5. Royal Robes
6. Vintage silk
4. Prima Color Bloom - 1.Fairy Pond Fine Shimmer
2. Plumeria Spray Mist
5. Any tissue paper for decoupage
6. Other than wings all the gears are mdf, couldn't get any metal gear so fast and so had to use this mdf gear bought from destash.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mixed Media on Canvas

What an pleasure sharing two projects in one day. Saturday and Sunday is the time for crafting. Me and my son both work on any project. He helps me applying gesso. Isn't that great..

My kiddo is learning art..

I have completed my canvas mixed media today. Mixed Media is such an addiction. I am greatful I learnt my first mixed media from Anna Dabrowska. I love waxing using my fingers making them dirty.

I have used lindys Spray this time. I have used it for the first time. My project may not be perfect but I am happy with the result.

Lindy's Caribbean Curise - my god what a colour combination it has. Just loving it.

Used :-Caribbean blue, Hibiscus rose, Luscious Lime, Mango Mania, Pineapple Paradise.
Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints - Opel Magic Yellow Blue , Rose Gold
Art Alchemy Metallic Wax, Antique Brilliance, Vintage Silk,
Dress My Craft, Sparkling Dust.
Mdf Butterfly and decoratives

Rest All in the picture. One thing I wish to say is I have used one of my earnings. ha ha..

Mixed Media Kettle

Hello Everyone,

End of the day, Good evening to all

I have tried my project on kettle. Expect you like them. Unfortunately I have not taken step by step pictures. So please bear with me.

I have used products

1. Art Alchemy - Acrylic Paint - Metallic dark valvet
2.Art Alchemy - Acrylic Paint - Deep Water
3. Art Alchemy - Acrylic Paint - Opel Magic Deep blue
4. Art Alchemy - Acrylic Paint -Magical Pond
5. Art Alchemy - Acrylic Paint - Metallic Purple Sunshine

Art Alchemy - Metallic Wax

1. Aged Brass
2. Fire Ruby
3. Vintage Silk
4. Blue Valvet

Mixed Media is an addiction


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