Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Clay Toys

This is the new art that I  learnt during volunteering had at our organization.Oggy, Angry Bird and Tortoise are my son's favourite so I thought of making one for him.

It is very important to understand the basic models rest is all upto you. I learnt the basic like how to mold, give share and how to make cartoon character. What is important is how to make model cute and cartoon like character.

Its really fun and I am happy and thankful to my organisation that i got such opportunity. Now that i know the basic I can make any character.


The below is what i learnt.

I created this by seeing various cartoons pictures and drawings from the search.

I made this by seeing drawing.

 Angry Bird is all time favourite amongs children.


Do watch for more such toys along with tutorials. Till then Cheer!!!!!!!!

Bye and have a great week ahead!!!

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