Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tutorials - Hair Pin from Fabric

Today is the day I am posting my stuffs after short break. I love sharing and learning new things so I keep of searching for it.

Here is the tutorial made from fabric.

You Need :

1. Fabric 1/2 mtr appox 12 flowers
2. For base I have used Foam, You can use card board or some hard base.
3. Glue gun / any Strong Adhersive
4. Hair Pin
5. Optional : I have used Die using Big Shot. You can use print out for cutting fabric. If  you are good in cutting directly any shape you can do that as well.

Die I mentioned on top

Give the shape to the fabric. The one that I am holding is taken from Alteration.

First fold half and again from the half folded fold it again.

Use glue gun in the first fold
 Use glue gun in 2nd fold. This will make the folding intact.

 Stick to the base using Glue Gun.
 Stick all of them. 12 nos of cuts. 8 to the base
 Another 4 on top of the 8 foldings
 Here is the one. This is how it looks
 Stick Hair pin as shown in the picture below
 Decorate the flower with pearls or plastic stones.
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