Sunday, June 15, 2014

Paper Bag Tutorial

Hello Friends,
How are you doing today? Its Sunday and very hot outside. I couldn't sleep this afternoon so I thought of doing something fruitful. Well I am posting tutorial on Paper Bag which i have made for my friend's son as he has to submit the summer project tomorrow.

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Here is the tutorial for you: -

All you need is
1. Paper rolls from any newspaper - 27nos. If you want bigger you can add on.
2. Adhersive / Glue
3. Paper Punch (Optional)
4. 3inch thick paper /card for base support
5. Clip.
7. Embellish.


The tutorial is very simple and easy to follow. 

What I have done is I have taken 13 paper rolls for one side. You keep on inserting the tubes one after the other until 13th roll. Similarly for the another side same thing to be done.

The Below images shows the detailed process.

You keep on rolling the paper roll till 13th. You can add if you wish to make bigger bag or even reduce if you want mini bag. Don't forget to clip the circle on completion of each roll to make paper stick strongly otherwise you will totally mess with the roll.

I have made 2 such circles (Jalebi).

Take hard paper to join the two circle. Use the glue generously.  Below is the image. In each step you must use Clip.  See the sheet is cut in triangle both the sides so that twisting and turning becomes easy.

 Here how it looks after joining both the circles.

Punch both the edge and with 1 roll left use it as handle.  Embelish it with flowers /glitter or any paper cuts.

Ready to go..........Happy shopping

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