Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mixed Media - Gift Box

A very new style of decorating chocolate box.

I came on Sunday again with my new work. That's the only peaceful day for me. I don't get sleep easily on Sunday, so I divert myself in reading or watching movie or Blog posting.

This is the one of my most favorite piece of work. I have used plastic chocolate box, which is now empty and I have used it for gifting it again with chocolates in it.

I do not have much picture or tutorial as I really did all kind of research and really forgot to take a few click. There is quilling, glittered flowers and leafs and stones. Used Punches and Mist.

Well I wanted to use it in a challenge but couldn't resist my temptation to share with you all.

Hope you will like it and I want all to comment because it motivates me and your words gives me inspiration. So do not forget to comment to my post.

Thank you all

Thank you all and have nice Weekdays!!!
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